Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like treasure hidden in a field (Mt 13:44). The discovery of that treasure totally changed the life of the man who found it. He was more than happy to sell all he had to buy that field. Such a man must have wondered why nobody had stumbled across the treasure before. People had walked through the field, farmers had ploughed the field, and yet for years the treasure remained undiscovered. Somebody must have deliberately hidden it, and there it had lain, buried.

The Kingdom of God is hidden in such a way that men may spend their lives walking all over it, but never knowing it is there. The search for it is the greatest Treasure Hunt on earth! And, in spite of the fact that the kingdom was one of the central themes of Jesus’ teaching, too few people have discovered it! Would you like to join the hunt? In the teaching of Jesus we will find the clues we need to track it down. The clues may appear to be cryptic and the hunt for the treasure trove may prove costly, but the treasure is there to be found.

In our introduction we will discover the nature of the treasure and couple of surprising clues about where to start digging

  • The Treasure in the field is the Kingdom of GodThe first clue tells us that 
  • The Treasure is hidden in the present: NOW 
  • The second clue tells us that The Treaure is hidden in the world: HERE 

What a surprise – The Kingdom HERE and NOW, as well as there (in heaven) and then (in eternity). We’ve been walking on it all this time and never noticed it!

You can read the whole introduction: The Kingdom Here and Now
Or, you can listen to the introduction as an audio file


Jamie said...

Brian, delighted to receive email notification of your blog. First time hearing your voice was fun too! I pray it does get the depth of your revelation on the Kingdom out further and wider into the marketplace. regards Jamie Bowman (Melbourne, Australia)