A Christian School is to be a safe place: a greenhouse where tender young plants can be nurtured, sheltered from the biting winds of godless ideas and lifestyles. Eventually our children will be strong enough to be planted out in the real world. But for now they need a safe place. 

There are two vital elements needed for this strategy to be effective. First, it must be seen as a temporary measure. We want to protect our children from the world for now, so that they will be able to make a difference in the world later. More of that another time...

Secondly, we must make sure that the greenhouse really is a greenhouse. This must be a place with its own distinctive climate, not just a smaller version of the public school environment. We must ensure that the ideas, attitudes and worldview “out there” don’t get “in here”. The climate in our school will largely reflect the climate in our homes. But at times we feel a draught. Who’s left the window open? The icy blast of the world quickly lowers the temperature of the greenhouse and the advantages of the greenhouse are lost. We don’t just want our children in a different building; we want them to be in a different climate!

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