God speaks many languages, and one of his languages is mathematics. He is constantly speaking, revealing himself, in the patterns and order that undergird all that exists. Since mathematics, like the rest of creation, proclaim his glory, it is no surprise that math would be impossible without the concept of infinity. The little digits we play with point to the Infinite One.

In our simple minds we think of infinity as being so great that nothing can be greater. How great is our infinite God! But mathematics is not that simple. So Richard Elwes (the author of 'Maths 1001: Absolutely Everything That Matters in Mathematics') reports that “in the esoteric world of mathematical logic, a dramatic discovery has been made. Previously unnoticed gaps have been found at the very heart of maths. What is more, the only way to repair these holes is with monstrous, mysterious infinities.” Apparently, for more than 100 years, mathematicians have known that there are different kinds, and sizes, of infinity. This was first shown by the 19th-century genius Georg Cantor. Cantor's discovery was that it makes sense to say that one infinite collection can be bigger than another.

So you can have one kind of infinity that is bigger than another. And even here, we find more of God’s self-revelation! The Word of God was always, eternally, infinite – greater far, above all of the creation that was made by Him and for Him. Eternally the infinite sovereign. And then, amazingly, he reduced himself to the infinitesimally small, humbling himself to be found in a tiny human cell to make his temporary home in the womb of Mary. But the Father has highly exalted him, given him a name above every name. He is the King of Kings – restored from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

But he’s not back there simply as if nothing had happened, back to the same-old-same-old infinity. He was of infinite worth before Bethlehem, worthy of all honour and praise, as our great Sovereign Creator. Now, after Calvary, his infinite worth has increased infinitely! Our infinite sovereign Creator is now our infinite sovereign Redeemer. No wonder it will take not just “forever” but “forever and ever” for the Lamb who sits on the throne to receive the blessing and honour and glory of which he is worthy (Revelation 5:13). He who was infinitely worthy is now infinitely more worthy, so it will take infinitely longer than infinity to declare his worth!