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What is the Kingdom?

So what is the Kingdom of God?  Defined simply, it is God’s government. The word “kingdom” has two aspects: realm and rule.

  • Firstly, the Kingdom of God is the realm, or the domain, over which God’s government is exercised. It is similar to the designation of the United Kingdom as being the territory ruled by Queen Elizabeth.
  • Secondly, kingdom refers to rule, or dominion. It describes God’s activity in governing. Kingdom is an active word as well as a passive one, for it portrays what God does as well as depicting the areas over which he does it. 

It includes the concept of rule as well as realm; of dominion as well as domain.

When Jesus taught his disciples what we have called the Lord’s Prayer, he declared an important truth about the kingdom. The desire of his heart, and one which the Father would fulfil, was that God’s Kingdom would come. His next request showed how he saw that desire coming true. He prayed, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt 6:10). The coming of the kingdom entails the rule of heaven being seen in the realm of earth. The dominion is God’s act of seeing that his will is done; the domain is the earth where the rule of heaven is making its impact.

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