We saw that Christian Education is to be like a greenhouse. We want our children to be protected from the world. But our vision is not defensive (to keep the world out); it is offensive (to change the world). We want to protect our children from the world for now, so that they will be able to make a difference in the world later. They are to be the agents of spiritual climate change; we want global spiritual warming.

We are not raising our children for a life spent in the Christian ghetto. Abraham raised his children in the wilderness, so they were never exposed to the sin that their cousins grew up with in Sodom. But he was not an obscure recluse. In the wilderness he trained young people to solve the problems the world created. This is our calling: to be a truly alternative community developing solutions for a disintegrating culture. We are preparing graduates to engage and change the world into which they will go, not to be absorbed by it.

Archimedes knew that it is possible for one man to move the whole world. With a lever. But you have to get outside the world, and stand on something solid, in order to gain the leverage.

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