In a nutshell - Thinking differently

Schools are in the business of developing young minds. Every student has a brain. Every school is teaching its students how to use them. Everybody is thinking.

Non-Christians have brains too, and lots of them work very well. Non-Christian schools do a good job in training children to think. The minds of many young people are active and productive. There is nothing unique about a Christian school in its ability to develop minds.

So why do Christian Schools exist? Paul tells us that we need to be “renewed in the spirit of our minds” (Ephesians 4:23). We don’t need new minds; the old one is working quite well. What needs to be made new is the spirit of our mind. That is to say, the force or the energy that powers our minds. Non-Christians can think as well as Christians, often better; what we need is to be able to think differently. In this we are to be “re-newed” – taken back to the old way of thinking that once was new, when men thought in ways that were not energized by the power of sin.

That’s why we have Christian Education. Our young people need to think differently. That means thinking about different things – because non-Christians cannot think about much that is spiritual (see 1Cor 2:14-16). But it also means thinking differently about the same old things that everybody else is thinking about. The subject matter may be the same. The mechanics of the brain function are identical. But we need to think entirely differently about everything. Differently about academics. Differently about relationships. Differently about goals and ambitions. Differently about life. We need ways of thinking that are renewed, made new again. Made new - the way brains used to work in the beginning.