God’s throne is untouchable. His authority cannot successfully be challenged. “Your throne was established long ago” says the Psalmist. And it is universal in its scope. There is no area of reality that lies beyond its reach, no isolated plot of enemy-held territory nor any neutral zone outside his domain.

This means that there is no territory over which he does not rule – no geographical areas on earth, and no heavenly realms (“thrones, powers, rulers or authorities”, as Paul calls them in Colossians 1:16-18). Even if people do not recognize his government, he rules over them anyway; and if they reject his law they will ultimately be held accountable to it anyway. The Canaanite nations who refused to acknowledge the God of Israel discovered that he still held them accountble for their violations of His Law. For human kings to plot against God’s King is a “vain thing” (Ps 2:1).

It also means that there are no areas of life over which he does not exercise his government. His kingdom is not limited to any so-called “spiritual realm” – it also touches such areas as politics and economics, justice, work, education and health. To paraphrase what we read in Deuteronomy 6, God’s law is as relevant when we sit at home or walk down the street as it is when we are in church.

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