Millions of children can’t wait for the arrival of Santa Claus. The inspiration behind this wonderful mythical figure was a real life saint. The original was Nicholas of Myra, a pastor who lived in the 4th century. He did not live at the North Pole, nor did he travel by reindeer. But he was a fine example of Christian charity, and in particular had a great love for children.

Such was Saint Nick’s concern for children that he became involved in a campaign in his native Byzantium. As a result, Imperial pro-life statutes defending the rights of the unborn were enacted, laws that remained in effect for more than a thousand years. He did not bring children lots of parcels in a big sack. But he did make sure there were lots more children alive to be able to enjoy the parcels in the sack. That’s the true spirit of Christmas.

Sadly today, with so many babies having been aborted, Santa’s sleigh for his flying visit to Canada is about 25% lighter than it should have been. Given the number of children not born in the last ten years, about a million parcels can be left at the toy depot at the North Pole. And next year, if the trend continues, even less reindeer will be needed to pull the load. We need a new Saint Nicholas to address the issue!