Continuing our series on The Treasure in the Field, The Centrality of the Throne

God’s desire from the beginning was that man should share in his rule, but that propspect of a sphere of sovereignty was conditional upon subordination to God and his very few laws. But Adam and Eve (and all humanity with them) chose to be insubordinate to God.
Satan’s lie was that there would be freedom outside of God’s government. However, with the Fall came a tragic reversal. Mas was intended to live under God and over nature. But in his desire to exalt himself, as he tried to place himself over God, he ended up under nature. The very ground that he was supposed to rule so that it might feed him, ended up ruling him. Every graveyard proclaims that the earth subdues us – in the end it eats us for lunch! And man who was made in the image of God, now sees himself as bearing the image of nature – viewing himself as no more than a product of nature and exhibiting the tendency to act like the animal that he believes himself to be. Insubordination has brought bondage rather than freedom.
This sad story is intended to be God’s way to bring us to our senses. The way of the Prodigal Son leads to the pig pen, but a decision to return home as submissive servants of a loving Father re-opens the prospect of our inheritance of freedom. Jesus is the “Prince of Peace” – and the only way to find peace is under his rule. Psalm 112 amplifies the thoughts expressed in its opening words, “Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands.” As Jesus put it, the man who is wise enough to build his life upon the foundation of obedience to his Word will find that the house will last. Anything else will result in total collapse.
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