E.Stanley Jones says that human nature is allergic to sin. Evil, he says, is an attempt to “live life against itself”. He continues, “The laws of your being are the laws of the Kingdom of God”. Thus, we may conclude, obedience to the king is healthy living because God’s moral code is written in our genes as well as in the Bible.

In this sense, while there will undoubtedly be a great judgment at the end of time, the laws of the kingdom are also self-executing now. Law enforcement is embedded in the fabric of the universe and the payoff is automatic in the person who tries to break God’s laws. Sin is slow or fast suicide, but it is suicide.

To proclaim the kingdom is not merely to tell people that they must obey God. Rather, it is to enable them to see that they are already under God’s rule, and to resist that only hurts them. It declares the good news that when we embrace God’s anointed King, blessing is assured. The whole creation groans, waiting for a new race of mankind to emerge, for the proof of the self-defeating nature of sin is seen in a world that has fallen so far from its God-created goodness. But Jesus, in announcing the inauguration of the kingdom is describing, as Jones puts it, “how life is and how it works”. This is the good news that we are to take into all the world, making disciples, and teaching them how to obey everything he has commanded them. Some suggest that the way of the kingdom is hard; the reality is that the opposite way is impossible!

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