Over the next few weeks we will be recommending books to read. This suggested book list is a very personal selection. They are not the greatest Christian books ever written. They are simply books that I have come across over 40 years of reading that have made a particular impression on my life and thinking. There have been many others that were equally profound. But I have chosen these ones for the following reasons:

  • These books open up a number of important ideas in a range of significant aspects of the Christian life – things that have become important to me.
  • These books are all readable. They are not necessarily the best in their subjects, but they generally require no academic or theological background. They are accessible to any reader who is simply interested enough to read carefully. Only a few of them are more academic – and the notes generally highlight these.

I’ve put them in 12 categories with a simple explanation of each book. We’ll be posting “top ten” lists for a different category each week. But for now we start with my “Must Read” books. These titles will not be repeated in the various categories in which they fit, so keep this list handy when you refer to the other sub-groups.


Top Ten Must Read Books

These are not necessarily the best 10 books I have ever read, but they are very readable books that will introduce you to ideas and to people (authors, people written about, other authors whose books are quoted) that will inspire your own journey of discovery. So make sure you read the footnotes and bibliographies as well as the text; that’s where many journeys begin!

J.I.Packer: Knowing God - Who is God? What you need to know

J.I.Packer: Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God - The Gospel starts with God not man

John Piper: Don’t Waste your Life - Living with real purpose

John Piper: Let the Nations be Glad - God’s plan for the Earth: his Glory!

Charles Colson: How Now shall we Live? - The implications of the Gospel for life

Iain Murray: The Puritan Hope - How the theology of the Puritans changed the world

Bruce Shelley: Church History in Plain Language - An easy overview of 2000 years

Albert Wolters: Creation Regained - The biblical basis for a culture-transforming worldview

Michael Horton: Putting Amazing back into Grace - The heart of the Gospel

Nancy Pearcey: Total Truth - A thinker’s book, but worth the effort! Truth applied to all of life


Jason said...

"Show me the books he loves and I shall know the man far better than through mortal friends." What about a man who can't read? What about a language that isn't written yet?