François Mauriac wrote:

“‘Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are’ is true enough, but I'd know you better if you told me what you reread.” Some books are worth reading many times – especially if they help us to remember what we need to know. The Bible tells us always to be ready to give a reason for the hope that we have, and to that end we need to read and to be reminded. Memory is aided by repetition, and as Bern Williams said, “Books had instant replay long before televised sports”.

Here in our sixth category of books is a list of titles about the Gospel and what we are to do with it. Included are some practical helps to sharing the gospel more effectively. There are another couple of related books in the “Must Read” category we started with.

Top Ten Evangelism, Apologetics and Missions

C.S.Lewis: Mere Christianity - A classic introduction to the Christian Faith

John Stott: Basic Christianity - Another classic introduction to the Christian Faith

Walter Chantry: Today’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic? - A plea for the purity of the gospel

Ken Ham: Why won’t they Listen? - Presenting the gospel through the lens of Creation

Frank Morrison: Who moved the Stone? - Demonstrating the fact of the resurrection

Richard Pratt: Every Thought Captive - A study manual for the defence of Christian truth

Tom Wells: A Vision for Missions - Global missions, beginning and ending with God

Neal Pirolo: Serving as Senders - Practical partnership between a home church and the mission-field

Arnold Dallimore: George Whitfield (2 vols) - A biography of a great evangelist at work

Charles Spurgeon’s Sovereign Grace Sermons - A collection of great evangelistic sermons