“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
-Emilie Buchwald.

A family needs a house full of books: books about family and books for the family. Here, in our eighth category of books worth reading is a selection of resources for our children and teenagers – for their enjoyment, edification and encouragement.

Top Ten Children & Teens

Sally Lloyd Jones:    The Jesus Storybook  Bible        - The best children’s Bible Story book!

Bruce Ware:    Big Truths for Young Hearts    -  Systematic theology for kids!

Nik Ranieri:    The Great Elephant    -  A great allegory preparing young kids for postmodernism

Kristi Fluharty:    Fool Moon Rising    -Great story for young kids about God’s centrality

A & B Harris:    Do Hard things        - Teenagers raising expectations of other teenagers

Joshua Harris:    I Kissed Dating Goodbye    - The popular introduction to the subject

Paul Jehle:    Dating vs. Courtship    - A study manual for parents and teenagers

C.J.Mahaney (Ed):    Worldliness        -  A simple guide to help teenagers love God rather than the world

Elisabeth Elliot:    The Journals of Jim Elliot    - Giving young men a different view of a sold-out life!

Mahaney & Whitacre:    Girl Talk    - For moms to talk about with daughters about womanhood