“To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company” [Andre Gide].

There are some writers who know what it is to go through hard times and can walk with us through such experiences.

Here, in our ninth category of books worth reading,   is a selection of resources that will help those who are struggling with life and equip those who are seeking to support and encourage them.

Top Ten Pastoral & Counselling: Life Issues

Jay Adams: Competent to Counsel - One of the first introductions to modern biblical counselling

Jay Adams: A Theology of Christian Counselling - The theory as well as the practice

Larry Crabb: Connecting - Finding help in relationships in the Body of Christ

Mark Deckard: Helpful Truth in Past Places - How the Puritans helped people before psychology existed!

M.Lloyd Jones: Spiritual Depression - Sermons to help people live with joy in life’s troubles

Richard Baxter: The Reformed Pastor - How a Puritan pastor set about reforming [= renewing] his flock

Graham Powell: Christian set yourself free - A great introduction to deliverance ministry

Neil Anderson: The Bondage Breaker - A conservative approach to deliverance

Charles Simpson: The Challenge to Care - A practical guide to pastoring people

Barney Coombs : Dealing with what Life throws at you - Living, and helping others, with problems