G.M Trevelyan once wrote that “Education ...has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.” This is our final post to try to provide some pointers as to what is worth reading by a Christian who wants to think more deeply about the Christian faith. The suggested book lists have been a very personal selection. They are not the greatest Christian books ever written. They are simply books that I have come across over 40 years of reading that have made a particular impression on my life and thinking. They are worth reading because they open up a number of important ideas in a range of significant aspects of the Christian life, and I have listed them simply because they represent my journey in the things that have become important to me.

Today, more than ever, the Christian needs to be well informed. We live in an age of blatant assaults on the Gospel, and more subtle infiltration that is undermining the church from within. Our final selection will help us understand what is happening and enable us to respond. Students, in particular, need equipping to be able to stand in post-secondary education.

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Top Ten – Responding to the Spirit of the Age

D.A. Carson: The Gagging of God - The importance of Truth in age of pluralism and relativism [scholarly]
John MacArthur: The Truth War - Standing for Truth in an age of pluralism and relativism [popular]
Gene Edward Veith: Postmodern Times - Enabling us to grapple with what’s happening in our culture
Donald McCullouogh: The Trivialization of God - How people’s ideas about God have changed
David Wells: No Place for Truth - Theological Truth eroded by a humanistic culture of Self
David Noebel: The Battle for Truth - The Christian Worldview contrasted with humanism
DeYoung & Kluck: Why we are not Emergent - A response to postmodernism infecting the church
Guiness & Steel: No God but God - The need to drive the idols of our culture from the church
D.R.McConnell: A Different Gospel - Exposing the errors of the Word-Faith movement
Ray Yungen: A Time of Departing - How New Age and eastern mysticism have infiltrated Evangelicalism