The battle against the family is not sociological, but theological. Many atheists understand this. When Lenin planned to construct an atheistic state, he knew that his plans were contingent on destroying the family, as it would be a constant reminder of the God who was being banished from Russian life. Mikhail Heller wrote about Lenin’s plans to subjugate the Soviet people in his book, “Cogs in the Wheel: the formation of Soviet Man”. Lenin knew that to change Society he had to destroy and reconstitute the family. He recognized that guns can only hold people in check for so long, but the family is the real building block of society which ultimately determines what a government can do.

Heller describes Lenin’s attack on the family as 4-pronged:

  • Institute no-fault divorce. It only needed a postcard to a local registrar to secure a divorce.
  • Promote sexual immorality. The government openly supported a new atmosphere of license in the realm of sexual morals.
  • Move the women out of the house and into the workforce. This was part of the state’s economic policy, but there were ulterior motives.
  • Legalize abortion. This kept women out of the home and in the workforce (as per iii) and the unwanted consequences of promiscuity (ii) were dealt with.

The bad news is that what Lenin did by totalitarian legal imposition, our society has done by choice! The theory is the same: if you want to change a culture, change a family. What Lenin did through revolution, the west has done though intellectual pressure, media influence and democratic process.

However, the good news is that despite Lenin’s best efforts, the family still exists in Russia! How can this be? Because the assault is ultimately against the nature of God, and that is a battle that the Kingdom of Darkness cannot win!

When Paul prayed, we read that he bowed his “knees before the Father from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named”. God’s being is stamped into the identity of the family; it is not a sociological construct, but a theological fact of life in a created world. Because God is Father, as long as God is, there is family!