Continuing our series on The Treasure in the Field, The Influence of the Kingdom

Jesus likened the church to “Salt and Light”. He speaks of a lamp being set on a stand so that people can go about their lives in its light. But he also speaks of light being visible as a “city that is set on a hill”.

Perhaps these two images highlight two different areas in which we are to let our light shine. The first speaks of the influence of the kingdom in a domestic context. Family life ordered according to the principles of God’s kingdom and reflecting the life of the King can have unimaginable impact on those all around.

But the image of a city set on a hill is rather more daunting. Ours is to be a community whose light illuminates a whole society. Cities are the places where business, law and order, politics, art and education are conducted. But it is to this reality that Isaiah predicted the nations of the world would stream (Isaiah 2:2). In that city set on a hill, they would recognize a community that has answers to the issues that they face. The kingdom will be seen in righteous behaviour in every sphere of life as God’s people become an alternative community. That alternative community will be as attractive to the world as a light bulb is to moths! Nations and kings will be drawn to the brightness of the light that has arisen.

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