Continuing our series on The Treasure in the Field, The Victory of the Kingdom

The central fact in history is the incarnation, death and resurrection of Jesus. In that, Satan has been defeated. He has been suffering continual defections since that time. He is fighting a rearguard action, knowing that his time is short. His most successful strategy has been to deceive the church into believing that she is defeated and should do nothing but wait for heaven.

However, we dare not give up, sit back and wait for Jesus. Real hope believes in the victory that has been won and seeks to see it implemented, whatever the apparent enemy strength. As Col.Lewis B. Puller said when his troops were surrounded during the Korean War: “The enemy is in front of us, behind us, to the left of us and to the right of us. They won’t escape this time.”

Yes – we are all waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus. The consummation of all that we hope for will not occur until he comes again. But while we are waiting, we are also to be working and winning. There is a harvest to be gathered in. We are well aware that there are weeds among the wheat; Jesus parable of the tares (Mt 13:24-43) makes it clear that there will always be mixture in the field of the world, and our experience demonstrates that reality as we live with the implications of sin and rebellion in the world growing to maturity. But for all the weeds in Jesus’ parable, it is still a wheat field!

We do not expect the final destruction of evil until the end of the age. 2000 years of history bears out the reality of Jesus’ prediction: two kingdoms are growing toward maturity in parallel. But living with mixture is not the same as being resigned to pessimism. At the end of time the piece of real estate called the world will be a fruitful wheat field yielding amighty harvest to the glory of Christ. Evil continues to mature, but sin will not swamp God’s sovereign plans!

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