Continuing our series on The Treasure in the Field, The Kingdom and Life

People are being killed every day. How do we respond? In many ways the abortion issue was used by God to awaken a sleeping church to see that she has a responsibility to address the evils in a culture as well as take care of ecclesiastical business. But then we were not sure what to do: activity was better than inactivity, but activism seemed to breed aggressive vigilantes and aspiring legislators. Is that what we are supposed to do?

The response of the church in the Pro-Life movement serves as a case study in how to engage in the grand vision of seeing a transformed culture to the glory of God. It becomes immediately apparent that there are no political solutions. Society changes as the hearts of the individuals who make up that society are changed. Changes in our laws are required – but such changes will follow and reflect the transformation in people’s lives. So our mandate to Kingdom Activism has two primary dimensions: to proclaim and to serve.

In our responsibility to proclaim we see a preaching mandate (the Gospel), a prophetic calling (to hold people accountable to the Word of God), and an educating task (to help people see the issues through a biblical lens).

But the kingdom must be proclaimed in words and actions. We serve as we care. The early church in picked up and took in the unwanted and rejected babies of their day. This was a far more effective strategy than attempts to seize the reins of power and change the laws. The value of human life will be seen in the examples of those who are willing to lay down their lives for life. The ultimate price, death, is also an expression of the true value of life.

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