Aldous Huxley wrote of a Utopian dream, the “Brave New World”. He describes a world of test tube babies in which the family is replaced by the State. While it would seem that this vision has not literally come into being, there has been a profound shift toward what was depicted. Many of the roles of the family have now been assumed by the State, and while the family has not been abolished it has certainly been marginalized. 

G.K.Chesterton saw this coming. He wrote, “The State did not own men so entirely, even when it could send them to the stake, as it sometimes does now, where it can send them to the elementary school.” In the public education system, the state has taken on the role of raising children. In many instances, the goal is not simply to supplement inadequate parental input into young lives, but to replace parental input with an entirely different agenda. Thus, to quote from an official publication of the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, “The process of education is to free the mind from certainty, to liberate children and adolescents so that they can consider options not entertained by their parents.” And you thought kids went to school to learn to read and write! 

Humanists and Christians are agreed on this: the key to the future lies with our children. The Bible sees them as “arrows in the hands of a warrior” (Ps 127:4). It is God’s intention that they be sent out from the family to have an impact on the world in times and places where the parents will never go. But the world wants to get their hands on these weapons and use them for entirely different purposes. The outcome of the current battle for the family will determine the direction of our culture for decades to come.

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