The future belongs to those who have children. In particular, it belongs to those who adequately prepare their children for it. And God, in his wisdom, decided that the best place for children to be introduced into the world was in the family, by means of parents.

He could have decided that the best context for bringing children into the world would be in a nanny state, and he could have concluded that the best people to raise those children were social workers and teachers. But he settled on families and parents. And having made that decision, he was so pleased with the wisdom of it (“This is very good!”) he told parents to have as many children as they liked! And he decided that this would play a vital role in his strategy for expanding and extending his government on the earth. It was to a family that he gave the mandate to be fruitful and spread out to subdue the whole earth.

No wonder the institution of the family is under attack! Satan knows how threatening the family is to his rebellion. It was, after all, the seed of the woman, one of those future descendants of the first family, who was destined to crush his head. He knows that the future of the kingdom rests in the hands of the multi-generational extended family of God’s people. And in the Christian family, the values and wisdom of the purposes of God can be passed down through the generations with a never-ending stream of young people emerging to take God’s plan ever-further toward its glorious culmination. It is in the futile attempt to thwart this that a humanistic culture seeks to undermine the insitution of the family, and to usurp the role of value-setting in the lives of children and young people. Public education and a pervasive media are among the tools that are used. But the promise remains: children are a reward from the Lord, and it is he who is building the house! (Psalm 127).

So in this, the ninth chapter of The Treasure in the Field, we will think about The Kingdom and the Family. Here’s what we will see:

  • Families under fire: the war against the family in modern culture 
  • Marriage matters: bringing God’s government into the roles of husband and wife 
  • Planned parenthood: God’s plan for the future found in biblical parenting

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