Work is not a curse. The entrance of sin changed work from an unmitigated joy into a mixed blessing filled with frustration. But in undoing the effects of the curse, Jesus has liberated us back to the place where work is again transformed into an expression of the image of God. Jesus, the risen Second Adam, was first spotted in a garden, like the one where the human prototype was originally placed. Mary mistook him for a gardener, which suggests coveralls and dirty hands rather than a glowing white gown. Why did Mary think he was the gardener? Perhaps he had begun the work of new creation pulling weeds at the dawn of a new day! 

God is the model worker, and he is also the Employer behind our employer (see Col 3:22,23). Whichever way we turn, we will find God in the workplace, as Adam discovered to his chagrin when God came for a walk in his workplace, the garden, to find out what he had been up to since he clocked on that morning.

We are his workmanship and we are created for good works (Eph 2:10), so we should expect that the most profound expression of the life of God in his people would be seen in the place where they spend so much of their time: at work. Whether we are employers or employees, or even if we are self-employed, we are bearing the image of God – and must take care that we are portraying it accurately rather than distortng it. So it is no surprise that the Bible is full of teaching about how to live in the workplace. There, as in every other place, all we do is to be done as unto the Lord. The real measure of how much we bring glory to God is seen on Monday morning rather than Sunday morning.

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