Continuing our series on The Treasure in the Field, The Kingdom and Wealth

Poverty is not a mark of spirituality. In many instances it is a curse, a promised consequence of disobedience. And wealth is not a mark of carnality. Abraham was a deeply spiritual man, a man of faith. His vast wealth was a direct consequence of the blessing of God on a righteous man.
Certainly Jesus called some to dispose of their wealth. But that was not because of something inherently evil in money. It was because of the heart attitude of the people concerned. Jesus loved the poor, ministered to the poor, and took the good news to the poor. That does not imply that they needed to remain poor. He also felt very comfortable in the company of the rich. He dined with them too, on occasions, and he enjoyed the care of some who were wealthy. There were rich and poor alike among his followers.

Of course, wealth is not necessarily an indication that its owner is walking in the warmth of God’s approval. Neither is its absence a proof of God’s displeasure. But generally and in the long run, we can expect material blessing to rest upon those who are obedient. Its purpose is not primarily personal happiness, but the establishing of God’s covenant. That is why it is part of God’s reward for covenant faithfulness.

And this can be seen at a national, as well as a personal, level. The Bible promises that the wealth of the nations will flow to the righteous (Isaiah 60:5). It should therefore come as no surprise to find that much of the world’s wealth is found in the hands of nations that are built on Biblical foundations.

In the West we are currently living off the capital laid up for us by more godly forefathers. As the world’s spiritual climate changes, we can expect a corresponding re-distribution of wealth reflecting the rejection or acceptance of biblical values by different nations. All of this takes time to filter through, but it will happen. Wealth is given in response to covenant faithfulness so that it will be used for purposes consistent with God’s purposes in the earth

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