We've all seen kids running riot in the grocery store. "That mom has certainly got her hands full!" we respond. We talk about kids like that as being a handful.

God, the Father, has a lot of kids, and they are a lot more wayward than most problems seen in the grocery store. The whole planet, at first glance, seems like it needs some serious help. When John, in Revelation, found himself on a prison exile, it must have seemed like everything in the Roman Empire was out of control. Life as he had known it seemed as if it was falling apart as persecuting tyrants ran roughshod over churches like his, man-handling helpless victims.

When he saw the scene in heaven, in his vision in Revelation 5, he saw the destiny of the world as a scroll. He broke down and wept because it seemed like nobody could be found who would be competent to take hold of that scroll in the control centre of the universe. Nobody with their hands on the wheel; who could tell where the planet would end up?

But what he came to see was that everything was in hand. The scroll initially was "in the hand of him who was seated on the throne" (v.1). The Father had his hands full - a firm grip on all that was scripted for the history of the earth and its inhabitants. It was in good hands.

And then John saw that there was a Man who was worthy to get his hands on it, qualified to take the future of the planet in hand. And to him, it was not a handful. When the time came for the great handover, he was utterly competent to take it on; his life on earth had earned him all the necessary credentials. He was well prepared to rule the universe. So when John saw the Lion-King-Lamb, his weeping turned to worship.

The Lion-King-Lamb got his hands on the scroll. His seven horns depicted his power to do whatever was necessary to restore order. His seven eyes with their 360-degree X-ray vision depicted his perfect awareness of all that was going on, and his slaughtered frame demonstrated that he had paid the price. He was ready to start opening the seals, taking personal responsibility for the unfolding of history from that momentous moment onward. Nothing that happened on earth could ever get out of hand. He has a handle on it all. The present and the future could be in no better hands than his nail-pierced hands. It is all in hand. His hand.