Humanism wants to make the civil government a non-prophet organization. But God always has his Elijah ready to knock on King Ahab’s door.

Political theory, in the age of Enlightenment, has come up with many explanations for the source of power in government. And from Machiavelli to Oliver Wendall Holmes the primary goal has been to ensure that that source was not God. Social contract, brute force, democratic vote – but not God!

T.S.Eliot was right. He said, “If you will not have God (and he is a jealous God), you should pay your respects to Hitler and Stalin.” People rightly complain of atrocities committed by so-called Christians in crusades and inquisitions. Even if they were Christians (which is doubtful), they were acting un-Christianly; their actions were inconsistent with their Faith which put only the sword of the Word of God in their hands. But statistically the damage they have done, while tragic, cannot compare with the carnage resulting from the godless totalitarianism of the likes of Hitler and Stalin – and their actions were entirely consistent with their “faith”!

It is always disastrous to have a King without God. The answer is not to take up arms, nor ultimately by asking Christians to raise their arms and vote (though that is surely a significant way of expressing that we care about the world for which Jesus died and over which he rules). The answer is for prophets to get into their closets AND to come out of their closets. Elijah prayed (that it wouldn’t rain) and then he proclaimed (that it wouldn’t rain). He never grasped for the reins of power, but the absence of rain demonstrated the limitations of Ahab’s reign under the God whose reign included the rain! God’s will must be done on earth as it is in heaven; a prophetic church makes sure they get the message

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