God has a wonderful way of getting the right person in the right place at the right time. Joseph was such a man. And nobody can accuse him of being small-minded: he really believed that the sun, moon and stars would bow down before him (Gen 37:5-10)!

We could do with a dose of his faith. After all, the Bible speaks of Mount Zion, the Church, in the latter days, as the place to which the nations will stream, asking for instruction in the ways of the Lord, asking for solutions for political problem like warfare (Isaiah 2:1-4), just as Pharaoh bowed before Joseph’s superior wisdom in relation to the problem of drought and starvation in his day. Such wisdom and opportunities do not come cheaply: Joseph had his “wilderness years” (to use Churchill’s phrase to describe his own journey toward leadership). But from the beginning, Joseph was the man with the cloak – a prophetic sign of the mantle of the many-faceted authority that he was to exercise.

Two things shock us in the story of Jospeh. The location: his dream was fulfilled in Egypt, whereas often our expectations are for a mantle of authority in the sphere of the church. The mandate: his dream was fulfilled in accumulating wealth and managing an economic crisis, whereas our faith is often limited to offering “spiritual” solutions.

But if Joseph was God’s man in Egypt, so Daniel’s sphere of influence is equally surprising: as the right hand man to a succession of rulers in Babylon over a 70-year period. He managed to stay pure in a university course that seems to have majored in astrology. Despite such attempts at brainwashing, he remained clear-thinking, and as God’s prophet was always able to bring God’s Word, untarnished with human wisdom or philosophy, into the corridors of power.

May the day come again when pagan kings acknowledge that the wisdom and counsel of God’s representatives in the palace surpass that of their pagan (or humanist) counterparts!

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