Children who don't want to do anymore homework should try to persuade their parents to move to France!

It is a known fact that children whose parents are engaged with their schoolwork will make better educational progress. So most of us have assumed, it is must be good for parents to help their children with their homework. It really does help them. A good thing, right?

Not according to French President, Francois Hollande. He wants to ban homework from French schools. Not because he wants to make life easier for students. And he fully understands that homework really helps students make progress. He wants to ban it because it gives an unfair advantage to children with supportive parents. Homework helps them get ahead. Nobody should be allowed to get ahead.

The important goal is not to do what helps children learn, but to ensure that there is a level playing field. And when liberalism is taken to such extremes, leveling always means bringing some down rather than helping others up.

As Al Mohler writes, when he comments on this absurd situation,
The only way for this particular inequity to be eliminated is to remove children from the care of their parents and to raise them as wards of the state. Such proposals have been made by statists ranging from Plato to Lenin. Adding even more hours to the school week [instead of assigning homework] is just a further step in that direction...