Thoughts to Make your Heart Sing. A great book for young children by the author of the excellent "Jesus Storybook Bible". And who said a great book could not be followed up by another equally good one! This latest book has been included in many compilations of the top 12 books of 2012.

In Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing you will find 101 readings ideal for daily devotionals for kids or just stand-alone, engaging introductions to the big ideas and truths of the Bible Story, all delightfully illustrated.

What we have here is not Theology for Dummies, though dummies will understand it. Rather it is theology for children with wide-eyed wonder. It aims to produce the kind of response all good theology should produce: worship. Amazon has put out a promotional video you can see here.

John Piper's ministry talks a lot about Christian hedonsim. If you want a great example of one of the readings in the book, the folks at Desiring God have produced a brief video of the author, Sally Lloyd-Jones, reading the story that un-packages the complicated concept of Christian hedonism in 155 simple words. This will also help adults understand what "glorify" means. Sally Lloyd-Jones sums it up as "making a big deal of something" - a phrase that adults and kids alike will find helpful.

 Desiring God has recently published a couple of blogs about this author and book. The one about explaining what 'glorify' means to a small child, in which the video clip is found, may be seen here. Check it out - and then buy the book!