Christians have always been concerned about mixture. Now it is time to be concerned about 'Mixter'.

Back in my old home town, the Brighton and Hove Council has now approved proposals to include a new 'Mixter' category for transgender people on official documentation. There will now be room to call yourself Mx, alongside all those who opt for Mr, Mrs and Ms. The new plans also include 'gender neutral' toilets for people who don't want to be categorized as male or female.

The BBC ran a news item on the issue when it was recently before Council. At least they included one clip from a Christian who spoke out against the idea, Andrea Williams of Christian Concern. You can view the 3-minute news story (along with some nice footage of where I grew up!):

After the proposals were passed, Andrea Williams commented:
This is a direct attack on the distinction that God has made. He made us male and female. We cannot simply decide for ourselves which one we want to be. Creating a 'third category' is a complete fiction and won't help anybody. It will just create confusion in many people's lives. We flourish when we keep in step with God's design. 

Paul makes it clear in Romans 1 that attempts at sexual revolution are not primarily a matter of moral choices. They are the inevitable consequences of a culture that wages war against God. Male and female are not arbitrary or pliable sociological constructs concerning gender; they are what defines humanity as being created in God's image. As we saw in a previous series of blogs, the root of unrighteousness is ungodliness - rejecting and distorting the God who truly is; and being given over to unrighteousness is God's punishment on ungodliness.

But in this issue we are reaching a new watershed in our culture's determination to decide for ourselves what kind of person we want to be. Even Frank Sinatra could not have envisaged that this was a logical extension of singing in praise of "My Way". For some, My Way = Mx Way.