It's Labour Day. An opportunity to celebrate the wonderful privilege of being created in God's image as workers who are the workmanship of the One who is constantly working.

Not that many celebrate work with such God-glorifying enthusiasm. Many resent it; even more try to minimize it. And some try to avoid it altogether. Like one of the typically weedy and effeminate men who P.G.Wodehouse describes in one of his stories as being like one of the lilies of the field - 'for they toil not, neither do they spin'.

Work is a crucial part of what we do in the image of God - the God to whom we are introduced in the beginning in the context of his work-week. And as God has stamped his image on us, we are to stamp our image on the world that he has given us to rule to his glory . His method for that is that we are to work to rule: to tame the wilderness and tap the resources that God has created to make things of beauty and value and usefulness.

As we work in a God-ordained manner, doing it as God's image-bearers, then all that we do will be to the glory of God and for the welfare of humanity. Some, carrying toolboxes will work with their hands; others carrying briefcases will work with their minds. But all that we do will be an expression of worship. The biggest worship event of the week does not last for half an hour on Sunday morning; it is running all-day Monday to Friday.

And so long as labour is "in the Lord", it is never in vain. It is part of his work building the house - constructing the massive edifice of global proportions that will house his glory forever in the new creation on the new earth under the light of the new heavens.

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