Did you know that:

  • The HIV rate in MSM (men who have sex with men) is eight times that of the general population in low income countries? 
  • The HIV rate in MSM is  23 times the general population rate in high income countries?
  • In no country in the world is the HIV prevalence lower in MSM than in the population as a whole?
  • The nation with the highest rate of new infections is the USA?

These are some of the statistics reported by Professor Kevin Fenton at the recent 'British HIV Association's Autumn Conference'. His presentation highlighted the fact that there is a widespread growth of acceptance of homosexuality in high-income countries, and yet the is that it is in the developed world that we find the highest rate of new HIV infections. 

As reported in LifeSiteNews, Professor Fenton, the UK's National Director of Health and Wellbeing, notes the fact that "despite an increasing number of tools to combat HIV infection. there is an increasing and potentially catastrophic HIV epidemic in Homosexual men in every part of the world".