We saw that since God has chosen to communicate with us in a book, we actually need to read it! If the chocolates stay in the box we miss out on all the pleasure; and if the groceries stay in the supermarket we starve. Since the Bible is a book, it must be read. No read, no feed.

But there is more to it than that. How we read it is as important as the fact that we do read it. This, as we mentioned in a previous post, was the point of Spurgeon's sermon 'How to read the Bible' (based on Matthew 12:3-7). He labored the point that reading is only of value if it leads to understanding. But we must go further. It is not just a matter of knowing about, but knowing. And that which is ultimately being made known in Scripture is Christ.

So how are we to read the Bible? We are to read it as being all about Christ - only so will the written word become a living Word. To quote from Spurgeon's message again:

I may know this book of thine from beginning to end, and repeat it all from Genesis to Revelation, and yet it may be a dead book and I may be a dead soul. But Lord, be present here; then I will look up from the book to the Lord; from the precept to him who fulfilled it; from the law to him who honoured it; from the threatening to him who has borne it for me, and from the promise to him in whom it is 'Yea and amen.' Ah, then we shall read the book so differently. He is here.