The church seems to have based its theology on Star Trek.The good guys beat the bad guys – but only just! This perspective is fundamentally flawed. History is not a cosmic battle between good and evil, with good triumphing, but only just and at the last minute, rather against the run of play. History is not a process of war against evil as God strives with man to overcome the wayward universe. History is the masterful creative handiwork of God whose throne is eternally secure.

A kingdom is an organized community headed by a king. Jesus rules over heaven and earth. God’s kingdom does not depend upon what happens on earth. God’s actions are not reactions to events on earth, for his throne is established in the heavens. He is far above all things, not anxiously waiting to see what sinister trick the enemy will try next. He is ruling, not reacting; He is the King.

History is not a desperate battle; it is a marvelous plan, intricately worked. It starts with God (“In the beginning was God”), not with God and Satan. History is His story, not their story. Satan is not a co-star in some cosmic star wars conflict.

So, in the first chapter of The Treasure in the Field, we consider the Centrality of The Throne. Here’s what we see:
  • God’s Throne: Untouchable and Universal. Without rival and all-embracing
  • Man’s response to God’s government. Obedience makes sense!
  • The failed attempt at a coup and the tragedy of those who took part
The Treasure in the Field is now available as an e-book for only $1.99

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For a preview, you can read the first chapter here: The Centrality of the Throne
Or, you can listen to Chapter 1 as audio files: Part one, Part two and Part three


Wade Robertson said...

I appreciate your post Brian.
Exodus 15:18
-Wade R.